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Monday, July 05, 2010

Look up ! - Hares 'l fuq ! ...Abraham lifted his eyes ... Genesis 22:4

... Abraham lifted his eyes ... Genesis 22:4

Walk along the road with your head down and you're not going to be surprised when, 'Ouch!' You walk smack-bang into a lamppost. Look up; watch where you're going! That's the general rule of thumb to walk pain free. Did you know that three times the Bible says, 'Abraham lifted his eyes ...' Abe knew that in order to make the most of life he needed to shift his focus. To stop looking down on his situation, feeling battered down by his problems but to look up, look to God and see beyond his problems. Do you need to shift your focus today? Three things happened when Abraham shifted his focus: First, he knew God was with him and realised how much he needed God: 'He bowed himself to the ground, and said " not pass on by Your servant'' (Genesis 18: 1-3)-
{(Gen:18:1) U l-Mulej deher lil Abraham hdejn il-ballut ta' Mamri; u hu kien fil-bieb ta' l-gharix fl-aqwa tas-shana tal-jum.(Gen:18:2) U rafa' ghajnejh u hares, u ra tlitt irgiel weqfin quddiemu; u malli rahom mar jigri jilqaghhom mill-bieb ta' l-gharix u nxtehet wiccu fl-art quddiemhom.(Gen:18:3) U qal: ̋Sidi, jekk jien sibt hniena f'ghajnejk, tibqax ghaddej minn quddiem il-qaddej tieghek}....
Second, He understood what God was asking him to do and he received the strength to do it (Genesis 22:4)-
{Fit-tielet jum Abraham rafa' ghajnejh, u lemah il-post mill-boghod.}
Finally, He got convinced God would give him all he needed; God would not let him down '... Abraham lifted his eyes and looked, and there ... was a ram caught in a thicket by its horns ... Abraham said, "God will provide ..."' (Genesis 22:8) -
{U Abraham wiegbu: ̋Alla jahseb hu ghall-haruf ghas-sagrificcju, ibni. U baqghu sejrin it-tnejn flimkien.}
Today, shift your focus: Look up! See that God is with you. Look up! See beyond your problems. Look up! See that God will provide all you need. Look up! See the best way forward.

UCB Word 4U 2Day - 02 Jul 2010