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Mary: Model of Spiritual Motherhood
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Four Reasons God Became Man

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 "Marian Coredemption and the Mystery of the Eucharist – In the thought of Mother Mary Constance Zauli”
video published in Youtube by FFIPerth  on 12 Aug 2015
Listen to this read excerpt of “Marian Coredemption and the Mystery of the Eucharist – In the thought of Mother Mary Constance Zauli”, a paper presented by Fr. Stefano Manelli at the 6th annual International Symposium on Marian Coredemption (held July 20-23, 2005 at Worth Abbey School, Sussex, England). The complete paper of Fr. Manelli, as well as that of the other presenters is compiled in Volume 6 of the “Mary at the Foot of the Cross” series produced by the Academy of the Immaculate.


Pope Francis: Mary's faith unties the knot of sin




THE ETERNAL HOLY TRINITY, ONE GOD...the Creator...who creates...

The embryo...immaculately conceived without original sin, to the pious, elderly and childless couple Joachim and Anna (by tradition, grounded on very old testimonies)

The born baby girl named Mary, nurtured, taught by her holy parents and consecrated to God...

·      ...It was their teaching that led her to respond to God's request with faith, "Let it be done to me as you will." It was their example of parenting that Mary must have followed, as she brought up her own Son, Jesus. It was their faith that laid the foundation of courage and strength that allowed her to stand by the cross as her Son was crucified....and still believe.

The prayerful youth, who pondered and meditated on the Word of God in the Holy Scriptures, and totally believed in the prophecies that they reveal.

The obedient young virgin - who was pledged to be married to righteous and faithful Joseph, a descendant of David.

The virgin youth (Lk 1:34) ...visited by Angel Gabriel, pronouncing her the chosen one by God, to conceive immaculately through the power of the Holy Spirit and become the Mother of Jesus, the long-awaited Messiah

    Thus by the two immaculate conceptions, the stain of Adam's sin, the original sin, was never to touch the grace of the Messiah or His Mother

   The perpetual Virgin Mother who surrendered all her God and who totally trusted in His will, to become the first fruit of evangelization !
The pregnant virgin, the first an intense and pure relationship with the Holy Trinity, wholeheartedly hurried off as the first missionary, the first Eucharistic procession -  the living, travelling Monstrance, from Nazareth to Judea, to SERVE generously her relative Elizabeth, for three months, thus going beyond to the Angel Gabriel's deliverance of the incredibly startling news.

The humble young virgin, Mother of God in chastity, holiness and transparancy... showered her spontaneous out-pouring of the Holy Spirit, together with the outburst of inspirational praise from Elizabeth.

The pregnant mother in the desert, who travelled together with her spouse and protector, Joseph, the foster father of Jesus, Son of God - from Nazareth to Bethlehem (app 70 – 80 miles = long enough to reach their destination close to giving birth ) -- to obey to the Census by the Roman Empire. Thus the prophecy in Micah 5 is fulfilled.

The happy mother, giving birth to the Son of God amongst the animals in the cave, faithfully keeps all worries, all thoughts of fears, all the disappointments, all persecution, all the failures, in the silence of her heart, to God's Plan.

The overjoyed mother, welcoming the amazed shepherds who believed in the Angels' Good News, came to the cave to adore the Son of God.

The grateful mother appreciates the heartfelt visit and the precious gifts of the Wise Men who believed in the prophecies in the Holy Scriptures, by following the Star.

The refugee mother fled with baby Jesus, together with Joseph, obeying to the Angel's directions to flee from Bethlehem to Egypt, in order to escape from persecution and murder, ordered by Herod.

The Blessed Virgin Mother encouraging Jesus (God) in His first steps !

The faithful wife who esteemed the love from her husband Joseph; cared for him; looked after him when he was sick; mourned his death.

The interceding widow, who believed in her Son’s love before He started His mission. She showed us how God's mercy is over-abundant to anyone with an open heart for Him - even through interceding for others! This is beautifully shown through Mary's empathy during the wedding at Cana when the servants obeyed to fill the jars with water, as Jesus had told them to do.

The caring widow, who served, cooked and took care of Jesus and all those who travelled with Him.

The grateful widow, who treasured the heavenly joy, the love, the peace, the justice, the authority, the abundance, the courage, the providence, the empathy, the miraculous powers, at work in her Son over injustice, sickness and evil.

The forgiving widow, who watched silently, with a painful heart - the repellence from the misled, the deceived, the doubt-minded; and the ingratitude and the opposition - to the disbelief that her Son is truly the Son of God - even today.

The loving mother, who marvelled over Her Son’s enduring patience.

The suffering widow, who felt in her heart His fears, the disappointment and the abandonment of His disciples: She suffered psychologically with Her Son’s sorrowful passion.

The silent widow, who persevered through her Son’s mission - that salvation and victory over evil...was through all the humiliation, suffering, pain, the agonizing death and the resurrection.

The protective Mother, who nourished God in her womb, brought Him forth to the world alive....and the world gave Him back to her to embrace Him dead, under the cross.

The Mother, Our Mother, was entrusted to the Apostle John's care by Jesus Himself, while He stood in agony on the cross.

The untiring Mother, who waited during the hours Jesus, laid in the tomb...for the fulfillment of Her Son's mission - His Resurrection in Glory

The supportive Mother, who was nurtured herself by the Risen Christ in the consecrated bread and wine during the Celebration of the Eucharist by the chosen Apostles - by then, empowered by the Holy Spirit, breathed upon them by Jesus Himself !


Mary’s places: The Dormition and The Tomb

The Mother, the first tabernacle, the first missionary, the first apostle, was taken up to Heaven with body and soul and proclaimed Queen of Heaven and Earth by the Holy Trinity
The Mother still teaches us how to reach to God for help, trust and guidance - by communicating with Him in praise, prayer and in the Sacraments.

The Mother of God, Our Mother who gives us the most powerful weapon that keeps away all evil, from within us and around us - a blessed rosary beads and teaches us how to recite the 20 Mysteries of the Holy Rosary.

The Mother of the Catholic Church, who inspires, teaches, guides and protects it.  
The Mother, the Co-Redemptrix,  who still shows us how GOD is our peace, love, tolerance, patience, gentleness, kindness, joy, faithfulness, self-control - by her messages in her apparitions around the world.

Dearest Mother, Our Spiritual Mother, whom God shared with you the grace of His mission of surrender and self-sacrifice, in order that every human He created, is creating and will create, experiences the way to Heaven --- PRAY FOR US. AMEN

God leaves man in full liberty to decide whether to choose Heaven or Hell...But God provides help, courage, love and salvation, even up to the last anyone who sincerely humbles himself to become conscious of God's unconditional love; to repent...and confess...through the Sacrament of Reconciliation. God is love. He can never hate or accuse. He does not look at your falling into sin, He eagerly waits for your effort to stand up away from your sin ! Past forgiven sins are forgotten forever by God

Dear God. Help me not to keep on accusing myself of past forgiven sins. Teach me O God to forgive myself of forgiven sins now and forever because You Yourself had forgiven them through the priest in the Sacrament of Reconciliation and You have forgotten them forever. Help me to synchronize my life's pattern as You had designed it in the first place, blessed in tolerance, virtue and love. THANK YOU O GOD ! Thank you Holy Mother for your love and intercession !