Friday, November 24, 2017

"You give freely and GOD will provide what is lacking" - Pope Mass: Our churches should be for service, not supermarkets

Pope Francis on Friday suggested watchfulness, service and gratuitousness as three attitudes that can help us keep clean the temple of the Holy Spirit

Holy Mass Readings from UNIVERSALIS on Friday, November 24th, 2017

First reading
1 Maccabees 4:36-37,52-59
Judas and his brothers said, ‘Now that our enemies have been defeated, let us go up to purify the sanctuary and dedicate it.’ So they marshalled the whole army, and went up to Mount Zion.
  On the twenty-fifth of the ninth month, Chislev, in the year one hundred and forty-eight, they rose at dawn and offered a lawful sacrifice on the new altar of holocausts which they had made. The altar was dedicated, to the sound of zithers, harps and cymbals, at the same time of year and on the same day on which the pagans had originally profaned it. The whole people fell prostrate in adoration, praising to the skies him who had made them so successful. For eight days they celebrated the dedication of the altar, joyfully offering holocausts, communion sacrifices and thanksgivings. They ornamented the front of the Temple with crowns and bosses of gold, repaired the gates and the storerooms and fitted them with doors. There was no end to the rejoicing among the people, and the reproach of the pagans was lifted from them. Judas, with his brothers and the whole assembly of Israel, made it a law that the days of the dedication of the altar should be celebrated yearly at the proper season, for eight days beginning on the twenty-fifth of the month Chislev, with rejoicing and gladness.

Responsorial Psalm
1 Chronicles 29:10-12
We praise your glorious name, O Lord.
Blessed are you, O Lord,
  the God of Israel our father,
  for ever, for ages unending.
We praise your glorious name, O Lord.
Yours, Lord, are greatness and power,
  and splendour and triumph and glory.
  All is yours, in heaven and on earth.
We praise your glorious name, O Lord.
Yours, O Lord, is the kingdom,
  you are supreme over all.
  Both honour and riches come from you.
We praise your glorious name, O Lord.
You are the ruler of all,
  from your hand come strength and power,
  from your hand come greatness and might.
We praise your glorious name, O Lord.

Gospel Acclamationcf.2Tim1:10
Alleluia, alleluia!
Our Saviour Jesus Christ abolished death
and he has proclaimed life through the Good News.
Alleluia, alleluia!
The sheep that belong to me listen to my voice,
says the Lord,
I know them and they follow me.

GospelLuke 19:45-48
Jesus went into the Temple and began driving out those who were selling. ‘According to scripture,’ he said ‘my house will be a house of prayer. But you have turned it into a robbers’ den.’
  He taught in the Temple every day. The chief priests and the scribes, with the support of the leading citizens, tried to do away with him, but they did not see how they could carry this out because the people as a whole hung on his words.


Id-dar tiegħi għamiltuha għar tal-ħallelin.
Lq 19, 45-48

Qari mill-Evanġelju skont San Luqa

F’dak iż-żmien, Ġesù [Lq:19:45] daħal fit-tempju, u qabad ikeċċi 'l barra l-bejjiegħa [Lq:19:46] u jgħidilhom: "Hemm miktub, 'Id-dar tiegħi tkun dar it-talb.' Iżda intom għamiltuha għar tal-ħallelin!

[Lq:19:47] U kien jgħallem kuljum fit-tempju. Il-qassisin il-kbar u l-kittieba u l-kbarat tal-poplu kienu jfittxu li jeqirduh; [Lq:19:48] iżda ma kinux jafu x'jaqbdu jagħmlu, għax il-poplu kollu kien imqabbad miegħu biex jisimgħu.

Il-Kelma tal-Mulej
R/. Tifħir lilek Kristu


Pope Francis on Friday suggested watchfulness, service and gratuitousness as three attitudes that can help us keep clean the temple of the Holy Spirit.  He made the exhortation in his homily at the morning Mass in the chapel of the Vatican’s Casa Santa Marta residence. 
Listen to our report:
The Pope was reflecting on the first reading from the Book of the Maccabees where Judas and his brothers were re-consacrating the temple desecrated by the pagans, and the Gospel reading where Jesus was driving out merchants from the temple, that was transformed into a den of thieves. 
Temple of God - our heart
The Pope pointed out that the most important temple of God is our heart, where the Holy Spirit dwells. 
The Holy Father asked whether we keep watch over this interior temple, and are careful about what happens in the heart, who comes in and who goes out, the feelings, the ideas...  “Do we talk to the Holy Spirit and listen to Him?” the Pope asked and urged all to keep watch over what happens within.
The Pope then explained how this temple can be safeguarded and cared for through service.  The Pope urged Christians to examine their conscience, whether they come forward to help, to clothe and console those in need.  In this regard, he recalled St. John Chrysostom reprimanding those who were making many offerings to decorate the church but were not caring for the needy saying, “This is not good.  First service, then decoration.”  “Purifying the temple means caring for others, the Pope said, adding, “ when we come forward to serve, to help, we resemble Jesus who is inside us.”
The Pope then spoke about how gratuitousness, the third attitude, helps in keeping the temple clean. He wondered, “How many times we sadly enter a temple – a parish, a bishop’s house and so on, not knowing whether were are in the house of God or in a supermarket.”  “There we have business, including the price list for the sacraments – nothing is free!”  But the Pope argued that God saved us freely, without making us pay.
God's providence
In this regard, he asked whether money is needed to maintain building, priests and so on...  And the Pope answered, “You give freely and God will do the rest.”  “God will provide what is lacking,” the Pope said wishing our churches be “churches of service, free churches.”


GOD IS WITH US --- GHIMMANU-EL --- ALLA MAGHNA - ħmistax-il għanja reliġjuża fis-Sena tal-Fidi - PATRI GORG ZAMMIT OFMConv. U L-“GREYFRIARS’’


00:00 --- 01 - Il-Mixja
05:12 --- 02 - Tbissima mis-sema
09:18 --- 03 - Kantaw Miegħi
12:17 --- 04 - It-Triq
16:37 --- 05 - Qaddis ,Qaddis, Qaddis
18:26 --- 06 - Salib it-Toroq
22:30 --- 07 - Nies il-Qawmien
26:10 --- 08 - Ejja, Mulej
31:36 --- 09 - Għimmanu-El
34:36 --- 10 - Mexjin Warajk
38:50 --- 11 - L-allat
43:04 --- 12 - Mulej, Ħniena
44:51 --- 13 - Ġesù Ejja Żurna
49:04 --- 14 - Il-Ġrajja tal-Milied
53:18 --- 15 - Il-Kewkba tal-Milied


Thursday, November 23, 2017




00:00 --- 1 - Papa Franġisku

03:44 --- 2 - Grazzi

07:40 --- 3 - Haw’f’riġlejk

12:32 --- 4 - Ħobb lil ħuk

16:16 --- 5 - Il-Bennej (Salm 126)

20:02 --- 6 - Il-Familja Nisranija

24:24 --- 7 - It-Tixbiha taż-żerriegħa

27:48 --- 8 - Is-Sejħa għall-Qdusija

31:48 --- 9 - Lejn il-Qawmien

35:54 ---10 - L-Għajnuna tiegħi

40:00 ---11 - Marija

44:11 ---12 - Missieri sejjaħli

48:09 ---13 - Radju Marija

51:44 ---14 - Rajtek fih

55:35 ---15 - Strument tal-Paċi


Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Priest: Why holy water comes with me whenever I travel --- Saċerdot: Għaliex inġorr l-ilma mbierek miegħi kull fejn immur

Every now and again, I have the opportunity to travel and speak at conferences, sharing about Mary’s importance in the spiritual life. When I do so, I usually have to spend the night in a hotel room. One of the essentials I pack (or because I’m a priest, can make) is a small bottle of holy water.
Why? Three words: Evil is real. The presence of evil can remain in a room long after whatever might have taken place within it. You don’t know who was the previous occupant of your hotel room and what kind of baggage they brought with them. You don’t know what has occurred in your room. Holy water is a powerful tool in protecting against evil and can help dispel any remnant of evil.
The next time you travel, might I suggest packing a small bottle of holy water? When you arrive at your room, sprinkle the room with holy water. If you don’t have holy water, your local Catholic parish should have a holy water dispenser.
After sprinkling the room, say a prayer, asking God to send his protection upon your room and asking also to forgive whatever evil that may have taken place. Pray for the conversion of those who have been previous guests, and pray for those who will come after you.
Here’s a prayer that I wrote for such an occasion:
Almighty God, I ask you to send your angels to be with me in this place, and protect me from all assaults of the Evil One. Please forgive any wrong that has been perpetuated in this room, and grant those who offend you the grace of conversion. Dispel the powers of darkness which may be in this room and protect me this night, and those who will sleep here in the forthcoming nights. Jesus I trust in You!
It’s not a bad idea to pray, also, for the hotel workers moving from one room to another, exposed to supernatural who-knows-what.
Another beautiful and powerful prayer you could say comes from Night Prayer of the Liturgy of the Hours on special solemnities. It is a prayer I often pray in these situations:
Lord, we [or I] beg you to visit this house [room] and banish from it all the deadly power of the enemy. May your holy angels dwell here to keep us in peace, and may your blessings be upon us always.  We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen. 
Additionally, you may wish to invoke the intercession of St Michael the Archangel or your guardian angel. With prayer and holy water, you will be protected from the remnants of evil and prepared should a spiritual battle arise.

Source: Aleteia


Sunday, November 19, 2017


For I am not ashamed of the Gospel: it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who has faith, to the Jew first and also to the Greek. For in it the righteousness of God is revealed through faith for faith; as it is written, "He who through faith is righteous shall live.

Romans 1:16-17

[Rum:1:16] Jiena ma nistħix mill-Evanġelju; għax l-Evanġelju hu qawwa ta' Alla għas-salvazzjoni ta' dawk kollha li jemmnu, l-ewwel il-Lhud u mbagħad il-Griegi, [Rum:1:17] u fih tidher il-ġustizzja ta' Alla minn fidi għal fidi, skond ma hemm miktub: "Il-ġust jgħix bil-fidi."

We're an anchor for those, who are hurting
We're a harbour for those, who are lost;
Sometimes it's not always easy, bearing Calvary's Cross

We've been ridiculed by those, who don't know Him
And mocked by those, who don't believe.
Still, I love standing up for my Jesus
'Cause of all that He's done for me ...

That's why I am not ashamed of the Gospel
The Gospel of Jesus Christ.
No I, am not afraid to be counted
See I'm ready to be, all He wants me to be;
No I am not ashamed of the Gospel,
No I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
For every moment His hand, has held mercy
For all the love that He's shown, all my life
A simple thanks doesn't say, how I'm feeling;
I get tears in my eyes ...

So as for me, I'm gonna keep on believing

in the one who's been, so faithful to me
I'm not out to please this whole world around me
Cause I've got my mind on ETERNITY

That's why I am not ashamed of the Gospel
The Gospel of Jesus Christ.
No I am not afraid to be counted
You see I'm ready to be, all He wants me to be;
No I am not ashamed of the Gospel
No I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

I've got too much behind me to let this world blind me
To some He's a name, but to me He's my everything

I am not ashamed of the Gospel
No I am not ashamed of the Gospel

I've got too much behind me to let this world blind me
To some He's a name, but to me He's my everything

I am not ashamed of the Gospel
No I am not ashamed of the Gospel
No I am not ashamed of the Gospel...
Of Jesus Christ

Heritage Singers / I Am Not Ashamed - 45th Reunion Concert