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Monday, June 26, 2017

Saint John Eudes - Salutation to the Blessed Virgin Mary
“St. John Eudes recommended this prayer for the conversion of sinners and advised his spiritual children to say it at the bedside of the sick.
The Blessed Virgin promised him that ‘all who say it with devotion, or at least good will, if they are in the state of grace, receive an increase of Divine love in their hearts at each of the salutations or benedictions contained in it; if they are in mortal sin, She will knock at the door of their hearts with Her own sweet virginal hand to urge them to open it to grace.’ And She added that when persons are deep in sin and difficult to convert, it would be well to encourage them to say this salutation, or at least to consent having it said for them.” (Admirable Heart of Mary by St. John Eudes page 329)


Hail Mary, Daughter of God the Father.
Hail Mary, Mother of God the Son.
Hail Mary, Spouse of the Holy Ghost.
Hail Mary, Temple of the Most Blessed Trinity.
Hail Mary, Immaculate lily of the resplendent and ever
peaceful Trinity.
Hail Mary, Celestial Rose of the ineffable love of God.
Hail Mary, Virgin pure and humble of whom the King of Heaven
willed to be born and with Thy milk to be nourished.
Hail Mary, Virgin of Virgins
Hail Mary, Queen of martyrs, whose soul was pierced with a
sword of sorrow.
Hail Mary, Lady most blessed! Unto Whom all power in Heaven
and Earth is given.
Hail Mary, Queen of my heart, my Mother, my life,
my sweetness and my Hope.
Hail Mary, Mother most amiable.
Hail Mary, Mother most admirable.
Hail Mary, Mother of Divine Love.
Hail Mary, Immaculate! Conceived without sin.
Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with Thee.
Hail Mary, Blessed art Thou amongst women.
Hail Mary, Blessed is the fruit of Thy womb, Jesus.

Blessed be Thy spouse, Saint Joseph.
Blessed be Thy father, Saint Joachim.
Blessed be Thy mother, Saint Anne.
Blessed be Thy guardian, Saint John
Blessed be Thy angel, Saint Gabriel.

Glory be to God the Father, Who chose Thee.
Glory be to God the Son, Who loved Thee.
Glory be to God the Holy Ghost, Who espoused Thee.
Blessed be forever all those who bless and who love Thee.

Holy Mary, Mother of God! Pray for us and bless us now and at death, in the Name of Jesus, Thy Divine Son! Amen


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