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Friday, January 20, 2017

Let us never take Nature's power for granted --- & --- HOMILIES

BBC Documentary The Magical Forest HD - from Documentary Full Channel 

Lee Pace in Sichuan, China | Conservation International (CI)

God created a perfect Nature to evolve in four seasons – In winter - plants and trees to sleep; birds and animals to migrate to warmer climate or hibernate the whole winter (like bears do) or hide from the cold with enough food stored (like ants do); snow and rain to fall so as to form rivers down valleys, form lakes and water basins to prepare the land for the other drier seasons.

BUT MAN DEFIES NATURE: He challenges it for adventure, curiosity, pride, luxury, leisure, greed, superiority, power (not including situations of people forced to live in poverty or fleeing from persecution, which after all are the result of stealing and denying human beings God's providence and freedom for all humanity) We do not STOP to learn from God’s creation ! ...

When the hot Summer season is felt, animals and birds migrate to cooler climate. For us they can never compare to our intelligence BUT who gives them this instinct ? You answer ! Do we ever learn to bow down to nature and accept its power ?

The omnipotent God who lived as human among us, teaches us to be humble and live a simple life ! He lived so Himself ! Why do we complicate it ? Why do we give in to what the devil lures us - More work for more money for more extravagant holidays for more pleasures - even if they dry out like vapour as soon as we pack to go back to start work again ... & even just to be away from our 'dear' ones. What a disappointed and unhappy person is he who lives an envious and ego-centric life...But God is always ready to help us become conscious of the true happiness of wisdom in taking good decisions...focusing more on other's needs and offering a helping hand. 


Non esisteva rischio valanga su Rigopiano -
Published on 24 Jan 2017

Il geologo teramano Leo Adamoli, tra i principali studiosi dei monti di Farindola, spiega il perchè il rischio valanga in quel luogo non è stato mai segnalato da alcuna carta geo-morfologica. Inoltre, il terreno sul quale è stata costruita la struttura recettiva era un conoide di detriti ma per Adamoli era solido nel sottosuolo. Si sarebbe trattato di una imprevedibile concentrazione di eventi negativi che ha portato al disastro

Angelus: Pope Francis remembers victims of the avalanche at Hotel Rigopiano - Published on Jan 23, 2017


Homilies for Holy Mass Readings for Friday of week 2 in Ordinary Time

Pope Francis: Forgiveness should change one's mindset - Published on Jan 20, 2017

Pope Mass: ‘Christians need to overcome a self-centered mindset’ - 2017-01-20 Vatican Radio
(Vatican Radio)  Pope Francis has called on Christians to overcome the self-centered mindset of the doctors of the law who know only how to condemn. His words came at the morning Mass in the Casa Santa Marta.
Heb 8:6-13
Psalm 84 (85), 8 u 10.11-12.13-14
GOSPEL - Mk 3:13-19
 Taking inspiration from the Letter to the Hebrews, Pope Francis said the new covenant which God makes with us in Jesus Christ renews our heart. God renews all things “from the roots, not only in appearance”, he said. “This new covenant has its own characteristics.” First, he said, “the law of the Lord is not an external way of acting”; rather, it enters the heart and “changes our mindset”, as well as causing “a change of heart, a change of feeling, of way of acting, and a different way of looking at things.”

Overcoming the egotistical mentality of the doctors of the law who know only how to condemn

The Holy Father offered the example of a work of art, which an architect can behold either with cold envy or with joy and goodness.
“The new covenant changes our heart and allows us to see the law of the Lord with this new heart, with this new mindset. Consider the doctors of the law who persecuted Jesus. These men did everything prescribed by the law. But their mindset was distanced from God. Theirs was an egotistical mindset, focused on themselves: their hearts constantly condemned [others]. The new covenant changes our hearts and minds. There is a change in mindset.”

God forgives our sins; the new covenant changes our lives

The Lord, he added, “goes ahead” and assures us that God will pardon our iniquity and remember no longer our sins. “At times, I like to think about joking with the Lord: ‘You don’t have a good memory!’ This is the weakness of God: when God forgives, He forgets.”

“He forgets, because he forgives. Before a penitent heart, He forgives and forgets: ‘I will forget, I will not remember their sins’. But this too is an invitation not to remind the Lord of our sins, that is, to not sin any more: ‘You have forgiven me, you forgot.’ A change of life, a new covenant renews me and changes my life, not only the mindset and heart, but my life. To live without sin, far from sin: this is to recreate. This is how the Lord recreates us.”

The Lord changes our hearts to change our mindset

In conclusion, the Pope spoke about the ‘change of appearance’. He said, “We belong to God, other gods do not exist… A change of mindset changes the heart, life, and appearance.” He reiterated that this “is the recreation, which the Lord makes even more glorious than the first Creation.”

He then exhorted Christians to follow through with this covenant and to be ever true to it.

“The seal of this covenant is faithfulness, to be faithful to this work which the Lord has completed to change our mindset, to change our hearts. The prophets said, ‘But the Lord will change your heart of stone into a heart of flesh’:  To change one’s heart and life and to sin no more, not reminding the Lord that He has forgotten our sins.”

Jan 20 - Homily: Christian Unity and the Covenant - Published on 20 Jan 2017



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