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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ecclesiastes 4:9 Kohelet 4:9

(Koħelet:4:9) Tnejn min-nies aħjar minn wieħed waħdu, għax fejda akbar ikollu xogħolhom.

To Whom are you accountable?
Two are better than one ... Ecclesiastes 4:9
You've probably heard the story of Moses and the Ten Commandments before, but instead of focusing on Moses, let's take a look at his brother Aaron. The brothers worked together as they campaigned for freedom for the Jews, and as they crossed the Red Sea, and as they began their 40-year journey through the desert. Then it all went wrong. Moses went up a mountain to spend time with God, leaving Aaron with the rest of the Israelites. He was gone a long time, and the people started to think he wasn't coming back. The pressure grew on Aaron, as Moses' brother, to provide a God they could see. It got too much for poor Aaron and he ended up making a golden idol for them. When Moses came back down, and saw what Aaron had done, he confronted him, but Aaron blamed everyone else, saying, 'You know how prone these people are to evil. They said ... make us a God ... I threw ... gold in the fire' (Ex 22-25 NLT). But Aaron wasn't the only one to struggle during the journey. Moses found that being the sole problem-solver was more than he could handle, his father-in-law told him, 'You cannot handle it capable people...that will make your load lighter...' (Exodus 17-24). Ever wonder why Jesus sent His disciples out in twos instead of solo? Because when we've got the right person by our side, we have support, encouragement and-protection. Protection from what? Ourselves! If you're serious about walking in victory, accountability is a step you must be willing to take. So, who are you accountable to?

UCB Word 4U 2Day 25 June 2010