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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Fr. John Zuhlsdorf - 20 Tips For Making A Good Confession --- & --- Pope Francis


- Give me the grace O God, to become conscious of my limitations, my weaknesses, my personal ideas, my misjudgements ... Teach me to call Your Holy Name JESUS because only with You I learn to avoid everything that steals me away from You.
- Bless me O God, empower me with the grace of self-control - for the saints teach us that if we do all that is permitted, we will end up doing that which is not permitted.
- Grant me the grace of humility O God so that no fear or shame will keep me back from the Sacrament of confession.
- Teach me O God, to concentrate on the good there is in every person and not on his sins, for You are full of mercy: You welcome back each one of us every time we receive Your blessing through your consecrated priest, in the Sacrament of confession.

- Fill my time, my sight, my actions, my thoughts, my words, my wishes with Your faithfulness O God so as to reflect You at all times - in peaceful times, in difficult times in terrible times - for You are all gentleness, purity, compassion, forgiveness and service to everyone. Amen.

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Fr. Z’s 20 Tips For Making A Good Confession


We should…

1) …examine our consciences regularly and thoroughly;
2) …wait our turn in line patiently;
3) …come at the time confessions are scheduled, not a few minutes before they are to end;
4) …speak distinctly but never so loudly that we might be overheard;
5) …state our sins clearly and briefly without rambling;
6) …confess all mortal sins in number and kind;
7) …listen carefully to the advice the priest gives;
8) …confess our own sins and not someone else’s;
9) …carefully listen to and remember the penance and be sure to understand it;
10) …use a regular formula for confession so that it is familiar and comfortable;
11) …never be afraid to say something “embarrassing”… just say it;
12) …never worry that the priest thinks we are jerks…. he is usually impressed by our courage;
13) …never fear that the priest will not keep our confession secret… he is bound by the Seal;
14) …never confess “tendencies” or “struggles”… just sins;
15) …never leave the confessional before the priest has finished giving absolution;
16) …memorize an Act of Contrition;
17) …answer the priest’s questions briefly if he asks for a clarification;
18) …ask questions if we can’t understand what he means when he tells us something;
19) …keep in mind that sometimes priests can have bad days just like we do;
20) …remember that priests must go to confession too … they know what we are going through.


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Pope Francis goes to confession “every 15 or 20 days”.

Pope Francis goes to confession “every 15 or 20 days”.
During an interview with a Portuguese radio station, Pope Francis spoke about his own discipline with the sacrament of penance. HERE
At the end of the interview, the Pope said he goes to confession “every 15 or 20 days” with a Franciscan priest who comes to him at the Vatican. “I never had to call an ambulance to take him back, in shock over my sins!” he joked. He also said he believed eternity would be a “mystery of encounter … almost unimaginable but it must be very beautiful and wonderful to meet with God.”
Were I Pope, for confession I think I’d wander up the path in the Vatican Garden to see Benedict XVI.

How long has it been since YOU have gone to confession?

Examine your consciences and GO TO CONFESSION!


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