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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

OCTOBER 15 - ST. TERESA OF AVILA ---- IN THE HANDS OF GOD - Tieghek Jien. Ghalik Jien Twelidt - Santa Tereza ta' Avila - Nada Te Turbe...ST TERESA CALENDAR

Santa Teresa de Avila en levitación - Ntra. Sra. del Carmen Centro Mexico City

THE THIRD SPIRITUAL ALPHABET by Francisco de Osuna (c. 1492-c. 1540) Spanish Franciscan and mystic, wrote a series of maxims as a practical guide for recollection. These were arranged into a series of Spiritual Alphabets, this being the third.
 In the year 1527, a Spanish monk named Francisco de Osuna published a spiritual treasure called The Third Spiritual Alphabet.  -- THIS BOOK, which is little known today, was partially responsible for the Golden Age of Spanish mysticism, which produced such saints as Teresa of Avila and John of the Cross. The book teaches a method of prayer called recogidos, which encourages the practice of recollection as a means of union with God. St. Teresa of Avila speaks of this book in her autobiography. She said it was given to her by her uncle when she was in her early 20’s, during a time when she was struggling with the spiritual life, and unsure if she should remain in the convent. She describes herself during this period of life as thinking “more about pleasures of sense and vanity than of my soul's profit.” It was the Third Spiritual Alphabet that changed her life. So impressed was she by the method of prayer, and the practical advice given in the book, that she “took it as her master”. She wrote “I was delighted with the book and determined to follow that way of prayer with all my might”. Within the space of only nine months, she began to experience passive and contemplative prayer, which detached her from creatures and filled her with a greater love of God. St. Teresa’s copy of The Third Spiritual Alphabet is preserved to this day in the Carmel of St. Joseph, in Avila ....... 
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St. Teresa of Avila Prayer Material




Teresa wrote some beautiful poetry. Here is one that provides much fruit for contemplation ... 
I am Yours and born for You,
What do You want of me?

Majestic Sovereign, Unending wisdom,
Kindness pleasing to my soul;
God sublime, one Being Good,
Behold this one so vile.
Singing of her love to You:
What do You want of me?

Yours, You made me,
Yours, You saved me,
Yours, You endured me,
Yours, You called me,
Yours, You awaited me,
Yours, I did not stray.
What do You want of me?

Good Lord, what do You want of me?
What is this wretch to do?
What work is this,
This sinful slave to do?
Look at me, Sweet Love,
Sweet Love, look at me,
What do You want of me?

In Your hand I place my heart,
Body, life and soul,
Deep feelings and affections mine,
Spouse – Redeemer sweet,
Myself offered now to You,
What do You want of me?

Give me death, give me life,
Health or sickness,

Honour or shame,
War or swelling peace,
Weakness or full strength,
Yes, to these I say,
What do You want of me?

Give me wealth or want,
Delight or distress,
Happiness or gloominess,
Heaven or hell,
Sweet life, sun unveiled,
To You I give all.
What do You want of me?

Give me, if You will, prayer;
Or let me know dryness,
An abundance of devotion,
Or if not, then barrenness.
In You alone, Sovereign Majesty,
I find my peace,
What do You want of me?

Give me then wisdom.
Or for love, ignorance,
Years of abundance,
Or hunger and famine.
Darkness or sunlight,
Move me here or there:
What do You want of me?

If You want me to rest,
I desire it for love;
If to labour, I will die working:
Sweet Love say
Where, how and when.
What do You want of me?

Calvary or Tabor give me,
Desert or fruitful land;
As Job in suffering
Or John at Your breast;
Barren or fruited vine,
Whatever be Your will:
What do You want of me?

Be I Joseph chained
Or as Egypt’s governor,
David pained or exalted high,
Jonas drowned, or Jonas freed:
What do You want of me?

Silent or speaking,
Fruit bearing or barren,
My wounds shown by the Law,
Rejoicing in the tender Gospel;
Sorrowing or exulting.
You alone live in me:
What do You want of me?

Yours I am, for You I was born:
What do You want of me?

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St Teresa Calendar

27 April 1567: Superior General authorises Teresa to found other convents of the Reform
24 April 1614: Teresa is beatified by Paul V
19 April 1582: Foundation of Burgos
11 April 1568: Foundation of Malagon
7 April 1574: Teresa's Book of her Life is denounced to the Inquisition of Seville
6 April 1574: Foundation of Pastrana is abandoned.  Nuns move to Seville.
4 April 1515: Teresa is baptized
3 April 1582: First friars leave from Lisbon for missions in the Congo
28 March 1515: Teresa de Cepeda de Ahumada is born in Avila
26 March 1580: Teresa arrives in Toledo seriously ill
19 March 1574: Foundation of Segovia
16 March 1576: Inquisitors from Seville send their report on Teresa to the tribunal at Madrid
15 March 1563: Teresa moves to St Joseph's, Avila
12 March 1622: Teresa is canonized by Gregory XV
5 March 1581: Constitutions (Alcala) of the nuns are approved
4 March 1581: Padre Gracian is elected Provincial.
3 March 1581: Provincial Chapter at Alcala opens
24 Feb 1575: Foundation of Beas de Segura
21 Feb 1580: Foundation of Villanueva de la jara
18 Feb 1567: Teresa meets Superior General Juan Bautista Rubeo
16 Feb 1566; Early in this year, Fray Alonso Maldonado visits St Joseph's, Avila
12 Feb 1575: Teresa's Book of Her Life is confiscated by the Inquisition.
8 Feb 1583: The Way of Perfection is published in Lisbon
7 Feb 1562: Foundation of St Joseph's, Avila is approved by Rome.
3 Feb 1569: Valladolid nuns move to a new house.
26 Jan 1582: Teresa arrives in Burgos
25 Jan 1571: Foundation of Alba de Tormes
20 Jan 1546: Teresa's brother, Antonio dies in America
20 Jan 1582: Foundation of Granada
16 Jan 1556: Philip II becomes King of Spain
7 Jan 1566: PiusV is elected Pope
2 Jan 1581: Teresa leaves Avila for Burgos
1 Jan1576: Foundation of Caravaca by Ana de San Alberto
29 Dec 1580: Foundation of Palencia
28 Dec 1528: Teresa's mother, Donna Beatriz Y Ahumada, dies at the end of this year
26 Dec 1581: Teresa's father, Don Alonso de Sanchez de Cepeda, dies
25 Dec 1561: Terea goes to stay with Donna Luisa de la Cerda in Toledo
24 Dec 1577: Teresa breaks her arm in a fall
22 Dec 1565: Towards end of this year, Teresa finishes the second version of The Book of Her Life
14 Dec 1591: John of the Cross dies at Ubeda
13 Dec 1545: Opening of the Council of Trent
8 Dec 1579: The Malagon community move into a new house.
6 Dec 1562: Superior General Nicolas Audet, dies
4 Dec 1563: Closing of the Council of Trent
4 Dec 1577: Teresa pleads with Philip II to intervene for the release of John of the Cross.
3 Dec 1577: John of the Cross is abducted
29 Nov 1577: Teresa finishes The Interior Castle
28 Nov 1568: Foundation of the friars at Duruelo
28 Nov 1581: Last meeting of Teresa and John of the Cross
18 Nov 1572: Teresa receives the grace of spiritual marriage.
14 Nov 1576: Teresa completes first 27 chapters of The Foundations.
12 Nov 1567: During this year, Teresa completes the second (Valladolid) version of the Way of Perfection.
5 Nov 1540: Teresa's brothers, Lorenzo, Jeronimo and Pedro leave for America
3 Nov 1536: Teresa makes her profession in the convent of the Incarnation, Avila
2 Nov 1536: Teresa receives the Carmelite habit in the convent of the Incarnation
2 Nov 1535: Teresa enters the convent of the Incarnation, Avila
1 Nov 1570: Foundation of Salamanca
21 Oct 1564: First profession of four novices at St Joseph's, Avila
18 Oct 1562: St Peter of Alcantara dies
15 Oct - Start of the Centenary Year
14 Oct 1571: Teresa is appointed Prioress of the Convent of the Incarnation, Avila
9 Oct 1578: Second Chapter at Almodovar opens
6 Oct 1574: Teresa finishes her term as Prioress of the Incarnation, Avila
4 Oct 1582: Teresa dies at Alba de Tormes
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The Proper Gospel on the Feast:

Jn 15:1-8 -- The Vine and the Branches - Ġesù hu d-dielja vera


 St Teresa of Avila - St Teresa de Jesus --- Some Astonishing Moments