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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

June 15: St. Germaine Cousin, virgin - patron saint of the abused, neglected and marginalized.

June 15 - St. Germaine Cousin


la Fête de la Miséricorde à la Sainte Germaine à Pibrac - 03/04/2016


La mort de Sainte Germaine - Germaine was found dead on her poor pallet at the age of 22


 Le pèlerinage de Sainte Germaine aura lieu à Pibrac
La procession. / Photo archives DDM, C. P.



The Basilica dedicated to St Germaine Cousin in  Pibrac near Toulouse, France
Patrimoine de Pibrac 

Life was not kind to Germaine Cousin (1579– 1601). Born with a deformed right hand and a scrofulous skin condition, she lost her mother very early on; her stereotypical stepmother forced Germaine to have her bed in a barn. After a short life of ill health and of prayer by herself in the fields as a shepherdess, she died alone in her bed in the barn.
When her uncorrupt body was uncovered 43 years after her burial, people recalled that she was very faithful in attending Mass, took food to those even less fortunate than herself, and worked miracles in her lifetime. A long investigation ended in the canonization of Sainte Germaine de Pibrac in 1867.
The Catholic Church does not require its saints to have been born to lives of privilege, to have been given towering intellects or to be ‘respectable’ persons. We are free to believe that St Louis and St Thomas Aquinas led the rejoicing when the poor little shepherdess of Pibrac, patron of the abused and marginalized, was received among the Holy Company of Heaven.
...Prayers Asking the Intercession of St. Germaine Cousin

I.   Saint Germaine, look down from Heaven and intercede for the many abused children in our world. Help them to sanctify their sufferings. Strengthen children who suffer the effects of living in broken families. Protect those children who have been abandoned by their parents and live in the streets. Beg God’s mercy on anyone who abuses children. Intercede for handicapped children and their parents.
Saint Germaine, you who suffered neglect and abuse so patiently, pray for us. Amen.

II.  Remember us, blessed Germaine, your brothers and sisters who labour and suffer in this difficult world. Know that we place our hope in you, ask for your help in our need, and for consolation in our suffering. Hear us, as we ask you to be with us in our time of trial. You experienced much pain, isolation, humiliation, and suffering. Now from your place of glory please look with kindness upon our sorrows. In your happiness, remember our tears.

Form us in the way of your humility, your patience, your faith, and your charity.  And then, at the hour of our death, welcome us to our eternal home.  Amen.