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Friday, March 14, 2014

Fr. Pontifex - Count The Cost - ALLOW JESUS TO FIND YOU !

Behind The Scenes - Count The Cost  

Fr. Pontifex - Count The Cost  
Count the Cost is part of the album "The Symphony and The Static" an album that highlights the joy and suffering of life. This piece is no different. It has many visuals that both remind us of the beauty of our faith and also the tension and suffering, especially the pain and suffering of Jesus Christ. The question is, how do we engage the passion of Jesus in our lives? What is the hope that we have through in the invitation of Jesus to come and follow after him?

Verse 1
Love is an attractive word, but it's not always what it seems
I wonder if I know what the true definition means.
The song from the 70's the Bee Gee's provokes questions in my head
"How deep is your Love?" Do you know what it all meant?
*When you laid down the floor and gave it all away,
did you really count the cost, do really live that way?
I'm looking at the cross and I'm picturing the sacred **kenosis. (Philippians 2:7)
He poured out his life in buckets, not in small doses.
And the truth is, I need to keep looking right at it
And seek to live passionately for the passion and not move past it.
It's so easy to guard myself from the essence of sacrifice
And play the same mind game and do just enough to get by.
But that's not what it is to be great. That's not what it is to be a saint.
I don't want to be dead bones in a box, washed white with paint. (Matthew
If I step out on the water I better stop and count the cost.
The stakes are too high, wandering in this land of the lost.

Note: * "laid down on the floor" Is a personal reflection from when I laid down at my priestly ordination to give my life to Jesus and his Church.
**Kenosis by definition is word from the Greek meaning "to empty" In this context it refers to Jesus relinquishing his status as God to become man and pour himself out for our salvation.

Verse 2
Eloquent words our King is so quotable
We print his verses everywhere, it's just so notable
And if I remember correctly Jesus said, "I am THE way." (John 14:6)
He is not one among wise men and the words they say.
If you put his words on your lips check the tag for the price.
You can't say that you know him unless you live sacrifice.
I never knew a Jesus piece to bring a man peace.
Head nods in God's direction don't make a restless heart cease.
Your cross, Your call, it's something specific for you to do
and without a deep yes and its actions, it's "I never knew you." (Matthew
Look for him, the heart only settles on what is true
His eyes indeed look for yours and mine, allow him to find you.

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