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Saturday, August 03, 2013

MAY 25 - St. Magdalene de Pazzi

May 25 (St. Magdalene de Pazzi)
Caterina, or Lucrezia, Pazzi was born at Florence, Italy, in1566, to one of the wealthiest and most distinguished noble families of Renaissance Florence. Even as a girl Caterina was attracted to prayer, solitude, and penance.
At the age of nine Pazzi was taught how to meditate by the family chaplain, using a recently published work explaining how one should meditate on the Passion of Christ. Years later, this book was one of the items she brought with her to the monastery. She made her First Communion at the age of 10 and made a vow of virginity one month later. From the age of 12 on, she experienced varied mystical experiences.
In 1580, at age fourteen, Pazzi was sent by her father to be educated at a monastery of nuns of the Order of Malta, but she was soon recalled to wed a young nobleman. Caterina advised her father of her vow, and he eventually relented and allowed her to enter monastic life. She chose the Carmelite Monastery of St. Mary of the Angels in Florence because the rule there allowed her to receive Holy Communion daily. In 1583 she was accepted as a novice by that community, and given the religious name of Sister Mary Magdalene.
As a Religious, she became very ill, and she made her religious vows in danger of death. She recovered quickly. As she continued to receive private revelations from the Lord, she began to fill volumes with notes from her ectsasies. She loved Jesus very much, and on one occasion, rang the bells o the monastery to announce to and exhort the other nuns that "Love is not loved."
She served in various roles in the monastery, caring for the young Sisters in the community. She died at the age of 41. She shares this feast day with St. Bede the Venerable and St. Gregory VII.
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Saint Mary Magdalene de Pazzi
It is the Sixteenth Century. We are again at a time of struggle and crisis in the world and in the Church. A priest will cause many innocent lambs, not aware of his disobedience and betrayal to the Church, to stray. As always, when the Church is under attack and things look hopeless, God raises up a powerful Saint to save His Church. Saint Mary Magdalen de Pazzi was one of those Saints. She was born in Florence, Italy, into a very prominent and most influential family; both sides of her parents' families were close friends of the ruling Medici family. They would be responsible for contributing, down through the history of Florence, many highly acclaimed statesmen, but none whose mark would be so profoundly and everlastingly felt on the Church and the world, as a Carmelite Nun from their ranks who would far surpass their fleeting fame.

St. Mary Magdalene of Pazzi visits Purgatory

~the account of St. Mary Magdalene of Pazzi adapted mainly from - Purgatory Explained by: Fr. François Xavier Schouppe, SJ~